(WSCR) In the wake of Packers’ tight end Jermichael Finley’s critical comments of Brian Urlacher, the Bears middle linebacker has fired back.

Earlier this week, Finley said the Bears may actually be better without Urlacher weighing down the defense.

“Urlacher is at the end of his career right now; he’s playing a little slow out there,” Finley said, according to FoxSportsWisconsin.com. “I don’t think they’re losing too much if he’s out. Putting another guy (Nick Roach) in might help them a little.”

Now, Urlacher has taken a shot at Finley on SiriusXM NFL Radio this afternoon.

“If he thinks that, that’s fine,” Urlacher said. “Just like a couple of years ago, I think, he tore his ACL and the Packers were actually better without him. You know, they won the Super Bowl. I hope we can duplicate that as well because it won’t hurt my feelings if we go on and win the Super Bowl without me like they did without him. People can say what they want. It feels like I deal with something like this every year. Someone’s always saying something about me. It’s a revolving door every year.

“It doesn’t hurt my feelings when people talk about me. I don’t like it when they talk about my teammates. That pisses me off. It’s like your kids. It’s OK to be talking about me or whatever but don’t talk about my kids or my family. That really pisses me off. I can deal with the criticism of myself. I get mad when people talk about my teammates.”