SPRINGFIELD (CBS) — The Catholic Church’s teachings are unambiguous to an Illinois pharmacist who has won a court fight over his beliefs.

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‘Human life is sacred,” said Vander Bleek. “Humans are made in the image of God.”

The attorney general’s office will not appeal a decision in favor of Luke Vander Bleek of Morrison and another pharmacist.

They cite conscientious convictions in refusing to fill prescriptions for the so-called “morning after” pill, criticized as a form of abortion.

“I’m a Catholic man and I have submitted myself to the teachings of the Catholic Church on those issues,” said Vander Bleek. “Albeit no perfect person at the same time, but I think the government has to step aside and allow people to express their religious convictions and to live by them.”

Vander Bleek, of Morrison, and Glenn Korisog of Wheaton defied a 2005 executive order requiring pharmacies to fill prescriptions for the morning-after pill.