CHICAGO (CBS) — A gun buy-back in the city of Evanston over the weekend brought in 45 guns.

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The gun buyback in Evanston had been planned for awhile.

As it happened, it was just one day after the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut.

And Evanston Police Commander Jay Parrott said they were, of course, on everyone’s mind.

“The issue at hand was, we’ve had some recent violent shootings in Evanston over the last several weeks,” said Parrott.

Police paid $4,500 out of a donated fund to buy back 45 guns: 26 handguns, 15 rifles and four shotguns.

Parrott said Evanston paid cash, and only paid for guns that were operational.

He said no assault rifles were turned in.

Commander Parrott said a handgun reported stolen from another suburb two years ago was turned in at the buyback. Since police promised amnesty with turn-ins, Parrott said there will be no charges, but if the original owner wants the gun back, fine, if that person is in compliance with state law.

The other guns will be destroyed.

Among those collected: a 1903 Springfield rifle and a small revolver that Parrott said was probably from around 1900.

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