(WSCR) Texans running back Arian Foster wanted to find a way to thank his offensive line.

That’s why the All-Pro running back purchased a Segway for each member of the Texans offensive line.

“They all, as a front, can enjoy the joy that I get from riding my Segway,” Foster said.

The running back continued: “Anytime I give a gift, I always try to give something thoughtful. A couple of guys like Chris Myers and (Duane) Brown and Wade Smith always getting on me about riding my Segway. ‘You can’t walk? You too good to walk?’ I’m like, ‘nah man, I just like to ride wheels.’ I saw a little big of jealously in their eyes when they were talking about me, so I figured I’d give all the linemen a gift.”

So, the question must be asked. What should Jay Cutler get his offensive line?

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