RIVERSIDE (CBS) — There’s a bond hearing today for a Cicero man who Riverside Police say burglarized homes then tried to use what he stole as Christmas presents.

Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel said in 27 years of law enforcement, he has never come across a guy who stole property and tried to wrap the goods and give them away as holiday gifts.

“He had repackaged them, re-wrapped them in Christmas wrapping, to give to his family and friends,” said Weitzel.

Chief Weitzel says 42-year-old Greg Cook is a serial burglar, stealing laptops, cash, jewelry and credit cards from homes, one time stealing Victoria’s Secret clothes and tried to return them to the store.

“He took those clothes back to the Lombard store, did an exchange, and then bought additional clothing that would fit other family members of his,” said Weitzel.

Police said Cook also purchased a ceiling fan for his home with a stolen credit card. The fan had already been installed and police took it down for evidence.