CHICAGO (CBS) — An 85 year old man is in critical condition, after fire gutted his apartment on the South Side.

The elderly man lives in unit 805, and it was just after 10am, that his belongings went up in flames. A couch, chair, even a Barney doll were tossed out the window of the Maudelle Brown Bousfield apartments at 4949 S. Cottage Grove, with visible burn-marks throughout.

Red Cross spokesman Wilson Chow is following up on the victims.

“He is in the hospital so we are going to follow up on that and make sure that he is taken care of,” said Chow.

He’s 85 years-old, and suffered burns to 25 percent of his body, now being treated at Northwestern Memorial.

In addition, a 67-year old is listed in serious condition at University of Chicago Medical Center.

Residents didn’t have to evacuate, but many came down to the lobby, as the smell of smoke permeated throughout the building.