ROMEOVILLE (CBS) — The man they call “Mongo,” former Bears linebacker Steve McMichael, has filed papers to run for mayor of Romeoville. He spoke with WBBM’s John Waelti.

McMichael has owned a sports bar in Romeoville for more than two years and the native Texan now calls the city home.

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He wouldn’t give WBBM what he calls his game plan, but hinted at a lot of referendums if he wins the mayor seat.

“Everything that comes across the desk at the mayor’s office is going to be up for public perusal and the majority of the votes in the town if that is what they want,” said McMichael. “What a novel concept in government?”

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McMichael calls himself an independent, but says he did vote for the President Obama.

“The first president to call my ’85 team to the White House for the honor just like they do for other Super Bowl champions,” said McMichael. “If a man is going to show me respect like that then I’m going to show him respect.”

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One of the major goals of McMichael, get Bears training camp moved from Bourbonnais to Lewis University.