CHICAGO (CBS) — A winter storm bringing lots of snow to the Northeast has been affecting many people trying to get home to the Chicago area on Thursday.

CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, while most travelers have been getting in and out of O’Hare International Airport on time, many flights to and from the Northeast were being delayed, with a handful of flights cancelled.

O’Hare flight boards were showing delays on flights from New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Ohio – all areas hit by the winter storm.

While O’Hare did not set up cots overnight for those travelers stranded at the airport, several people made use of the chairs and benches in the terminals to catch up on sleep while waiting for flights out.

Two women headed home to Wisconsin got stuck in Chicago overnight during their layover in Chicago, after their flight to Wisconsin was canceled due to the same storm that moved through Dallas this week.

“The weather was fine here and there, but they said it was because the pilots and the flight crews and everybody couldn’t get in from Dallas,” Rebecca Sevenech said after spending the night at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare when her flight was cancelled Wednesday night. “They had a big storm last night, so it was us and probably like 200 other people at the Hyatt.”

Susan Sparapani, who was also stuck overnight, said when she heard her flight was canceled because the crew was stuck in Dallas, “first you roll your eyes, then you cuss under your breath, and you think ‘I wonder if my kids are gonna believe this.’”

Sevenech and Sparapani did not know each other until they got stuck in Chicago overnight, but after talking for a bit they realized they were from the same small town in Wisconsin. They got along so well, they decided to rent a car together to make the four-hour drive home, rather than wait several hours for a flight Thursday evening.

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