(WSCR) This week’s Crap of the Week goes out to Cardinal Francis George.

This, from Scott.

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Cardinal George issued a letter Tuesday calling laws permitting same-sex marriage a “legal fiction.”  In the same correspondence, he directed the local Catholic faithful to contact state legislators about a proposed Illinois gay marriage bill.
In the letter, Cardinal George stated that same-sex marriage was “acting against the common good of society. We will all have to pretend to accept something that is contrary to the common sense of the human race.”
Let’s turn back the clock to the summer of 2008.  At that time, Cardinal George released the transcript of his deposition taken in the litigation surrounding the Archdiocese’s sexual abuse scandal.
In that deposition, it became clear that Cardinal George:

  1. Worked to reduce the 20-year prison sentence of a convicted child molester, Norbert Maday;
  2. Repeatedly refused to follow recommendations and promptly remove abusive Chicago priests from ministry;
  3. Appeared deeply conflicted between his concern for children and his duty to defend accused priests;
  4. Believed that at the time of his ascension to becoming Chicago’s archbishop in 1997 that sexual abuse by clergy was mostly a thing of the past;
  5. That when Daniel McCormack was arrested in January 2006, said: “We thought this was done, or at least contained” an;
  6. Had knowledge that the vicar for priests, Rev. Edward D. Grace, and Auxiliary Bishop George J. Rassas withheld information about abuse allegations.

 So, Cardinal George, let me get this straight.
The systemic rape and abuse of children and the destruction of dozens (or even hundreds) of childhoods that is ignored, hidden, and perpetuated by the Church is somehow acceptable.

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But, legally recognizing the desire of two loving, committed people to join together as spouses is acting against the common good of society and will require us to pretend to accept something that is contrary to the common sense of the human race.  Got it.
Cardinal George, I have two questions for you.
First, have you applied to become the official chaplain for the Pennsylvania legislature?
Second, Who ya crappin’?

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