By Adam Hoge-

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (CBS) Don’t expect to see Brian Kelly or Nick Saban on an NFL sideline anytime soon.

Well, at least according to them.

Both coaches downplayed interest from NFL teams Saturday at Sun Life Stadium, with Kelly saying “Leaving is not an option” and Saban saying “I want to be a college coach.”

Of course, Kelly sidestepped a question about whether or not he had received interest from NFL teams, saying all inquiries go through his agent and he was not aware of any interest.

That said, Kelly has never expressed interest in coaching in the NFL. A few weeks ago he went on an unprovoked tangent about how he rediscovered why he enjoys coaching college kids this year and Saturday he called the Notre Dame job “the best job in the country — college, pro, high school.”

“I don’t think about leaving because I don’t have that intention or feeling in my heart,” Kelly said. “Leaving is not an option. I don’t even think about it.”

Meanwhile, Saban’s comments on the NFL at BCS Media Day were similar, but perhaps mean even more.

“I don’t have any unfinished business in the NFL,” he said. “It’s not even something I want to do.”

Saban, of course, told reporters back in 2006 when he was the head coach of the Miami Dolphins that he would not be the next head coach at Alabama and then two weeks later became the head coach at Alabama.

That might make him hard to trust, except earlier this week he expressed regret about how he left the Dolphins. It seems unlikely he would put himself in that position again.

Things could change after Monday night’s BCS National Championship Game, but at this point, it appears unlikely either Kelly or Saban will leave their respective schools for the NFL.

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