CHICAGO (CBS) — Saturday morning is a great time to look at cars. If you like a powerful car with outstanding handling, then you’ll love this week’s ride, the BMW M5.

This car turns heads.

Maybe it’s the color. Maybe it’s the M5 badges that remind you of the rich history of one of the finest BMW’s you can buy, for about $95,000.

The BMW M5 is a luxury sport sedan that’s, maybe, a little too polished. I felt just a bit isolated from the feel of the road and the power of the car.

This car’s got muscle.

The M5 is not a light car. But with its twin turbo 8 cylinder engine, generating 560 horsepower, the M5 will take you from o to 60 in just a tad over four seconds.

The incredible power of the car is tamed by technology and a race-track-worthy suspension that helps you keep it all under control. That kind of engine power requires some serious stopping power. The BMW’s brakes are outstanding.

Choose your transmission. Manual or manual. Choose your ride, comfort, sport, or sport plus. Know that the hidden tech and sensors will help control your drive, right down to the front fender cameras that help you line up with that parking bumper.

Capable of a ride on the wild side, if just a little too refined, the BMW M5 puts a smile on your face. I drove about 60 different cars in 2012, from Aston Martin to Suzuki. The BMW M5 resides among those at the very top of my list.

This is a hard car to drive slow. The on-board technology helps you handle the incredible power of the M5 and that’s a good thing.

When I say it’s a little too refined I think it’s that I felt a little more isolated from the road in what is an incredible “driver’s” car.

Still, if you’re looking for a powerful luxury sport sedan, and you have almost 100-k to spend on one, the M5 deserves a quick test drive.

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