Kimberly Delgado

Kimberly Delgado

UPDATED: 1/10/2013 – 4:54 p.m.

BENSENVILLE (CBS) — An 18-month-old girl was safely reunited with her mother Thursday morning, several hours after she was abducted when someone stole her mother’s SUV with the toddler in the back seat.

Police said Kimberly Delgado was taken at 940 W. Irving Park Rd. in Bensenville by a male suspect who stole a Buick Rendezvous with the child inside around 12:40 a.m.

CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports police issued an AMBER Alert as they searched for the girl, but cancelled it when she was found safe around 7 a.m. in a driveway at 1112 Argyle Avenue in Bensenville, about a mile from where the Rendezvous was stolen.

She was taken to Elmhurst Hospital for observation and released.

CBS 2’s Chris Martinez reports Kimberly was found safe when someone spotted the SUV Thursday morning as they were leaving for work. Bensenville Police Chief Frank Kosmen said Kimberly was reunited with her mother a short time later.

“I was there when they were reunited,” Kosmen said. “They were very happy.”

Arturo Perez called 911 about the SUV after he and his roommates noticed the the strange SUV in the driveway. When his roommates peeked inside the SUV, they saw Kimberly crying inside.

“The baby stayed in the car, because when I called 911, they said ‘Don’t touch the car, and just wait for the police officer,'” Perez said.

Another man had noticed the car in the driveway around 3:30 a.m., but assumed it belonged to a house guest.

Around 12:40 a.m., Kimberly was briefly left inside a black 2003 Buick Rendezvous, when her mother walked a friend into an apartment building, police said.

With the car parked and left running for just a few seconds, the mother entered the building and passed a man who walked out and then got into the woman’s car, police said.

Yahira Olmos held Kimberly’s mother’s hand as she realized her baby had been taken.

“Tears; didn’t know what to do, going all over the place, super scared,” Olmos said.

That fear turned to elation when police found Kimberly safe several hours later.

Police had only a vague description of the suspect, but said they were following some strong leads in the case.

Bensenville police said they do not think the man knew the child was inside the car when he stole it.

A witness saw the man drive off and heard the mother cry for help

“She was screaming out loud for her baby,” said Yaria Olmos. “I knew I had to call the cops.”

There have been no arrests in the case, but Kosmen said investigators have some “good leads.”

A child was found safe inside this car after she was abducted overnight. (Credit: Vince Gerasole/CBS)

A child was found safe inside this car after she was abducted overnight. (Credit: Vince Gerasole/CBS)

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