(WSCR) Oh, the irony.

Retired from the game of baseball, Sammy Sosa now manages a comapny called Injex 21, which specializes in needleless drug injections.

Sosa, who was snubbed from baseball’s Hall of Fame on his first attempt likely due to his implications with steroids, expressed his reaction via a news release from his company.

“Even if we weren’t inducted on our first time, we are still winners and there is always a next time,” Sosa is quoted as saying in the release sent by Injex 21.

According to a report from the Tribune, a company biography on the Injex 21 website says Sosa was introduced to the firm in “mid 2012.” Sosa reportedly saw an opportunity to “help millions of people. From people who are afraid of needles to those who have to subject themselves to daily self-injections and to medical workers who are at risk for puncture wounds.”




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