By Ed Curran

CHICAGO (CBS) — On Saturday morning we always kick some tires, whether you are looking for, or dreaming about, a new car.

What have people been buying? Here are the top seven cars of 2012.

The seventh top seller of 2012 was the Ford Escape. It’s neat tailgate that lifts when you wave your foot under the rear bumper get my vote for neat innovation of the year.

Number six was the Honda CR-V, a well priced, great handling vehicle.

Fifth on the list was the Toyota Corolla and its twin, the matrix.

Fourth in sales during 2012 was the Nissaan Altima, redesigned inside and out.

Number three was Honda’s Civic. Always a crowd pleaser.

The number two car in America was the Honda Accord. Honda did a good job moving out the old 2012s and I love the all new 2013 accord, with its revolutionary lanewatch system.

Finally, holding its number one spot, the Toyota Camry with 405,000 sold. I’ve always liked Camry. Want a little more excitement, take the 268-hp v6 for a test drive.

If you venture beyond cars, the top two selling vehicles in the U.S. remain trucks. Number two was the Chevy Silverado, narrowly beating the Camry. Number one remains the Ford F-150 pickup, driven by those outstanding commercials voice by Denis Leary.

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