CICERO (CBS) — Some Cicero residents spent their Sunday at the town’s board of elections hearing on whether their current president can remain on the ballot.

Juan Ochoa, a challenger to Larry Dominick, says the incumbent cannot run because he owes the city both business license fees and permit fees for construction work on his own home.

The three-person Cicero Board of Elections reconvened at 10 a.m. Sunday to hear arguments and witness testimony presented by attorneys after hours of previous testimony on this same issue on Friday.

Stephen Laduzinsky, an attorney for Ochoa and Dave Donahue, a candidate for town collector who is also questioning Dominick’s eligibility, says they plan to evidence that Dominick owed and still owes the city.

“Our position is that he is the town president and he controls the town, he is not going to issue a bill to himself,” said Laduzinsky.

Ray Hanania, a spokesman for the city and Larry Dominick says the candidates are trying to have the election decided before Election Day.

He says the people of Cicero are happy with the current president and he is confident that the board of elections will decide in their favor.