(WSCR) UNLV has won just 30 football games in 10 years, but that’s not stopping the school from thinking big.

Really, really big.

According to a report, UNLV and its private partner, Majestic Realty, presented a new proposal to Nevada’s higher education leaders for a 60,000-seat stadium complete with a 100-yard-long video screen.

The stadium will be called UNLV Now.

“This project is a game changer for UNLV and Las Vegas,” said Don Snyder, UNLV Now’s project lead. “It’s an important and significant project for the state as well. It’s the next big thing.”

Considering UNLV football averaged just 15,208 fans per game in 2012, the stadium is clearly geared for national events.

Developers haven’t nailed down a price just yet, but it’s expected to run close to $800 million.

Check out the photos below!

Credit: UNLV Now

Credit: UNLV Now

Credit: UNLV Now.

Credit: UNLV Now

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