CHICAGO (CBS) — Are you following our story about our pigeon problem? Too many pigeons; everywhere we look, pigeons, thousands of pigeons.

Gotta get them out of here, says Ald. James Cappelman (46th).

With two mystery guys in a truck, and some pigeon bait, and a pigeon net – voila, pigeons in the net. Like in Spain, they’re pigeon poaching. Pop goes the net, in go the poor pigeons.

The pigeons were netted in Chicago, and whisked across the border to a farm in Indiana, where it’s believed the pigeons are rubbed out.

The alderman’s office said he doesn’t know what’s happening to the pigeons.

What I know is that they’re gone and that Chicago without pigeons is like Chicago without the lakefront, or the lions at the Art Institute, or the Cubs, or City Hall.

That’s not Chicago, so I’m feeling nostalgic. I miss those pigeons.