(WSCR) Here are some prop bets and over/unders for the Marc Trestman press conference at Halas Hall today.

1. Will Phil Emery be wearing a lanyard? Yes or No

2. Will Phil Emery mention the word “synergy”? Yes or No

3. Phil Emery lasted 54 minutes in the Lovie Smith firing presser. How long will he last in the press conference introducing Trestman today? O/U is 4:30

4. Will Trestman say anything in Canadian accent? “Eh”, “Aboot”, “Yaa” Yes or No

5. Will Trestman call it “Soldiers Field” like so many out of towners do? Yes or No

6. Will Emery or Trestman reference the Packers without a media member asking about them first? Yes or No

7. Who asks the first question today?
Brad Biggs: 1.5-1
Sean Jensen: 3-1
Dan Pompei: 4-1
Mike Mulligan: 6-1
David Haugh: 6-1
Rick Morrissey: 8-1
Les Grobstein (Lake Forest): 12-1
Jeff Dickerson: 15-1
Dave Naylor of TSN: 100-1
Zach Zaidman: 200-1

8. Which of the following former Trestman players get referenced either by media or by Emery/Trestman today?
Steve Young: 3-1
Rich Gannon: 4-1
Jerry Rice: 4-1
Anthony Calavillo: 6-1
Jake Plummer: 8-1
Tim Brown: 10-1
Russell Wilson: 12-1
Tim Tebow: 15-1

9. Will Trestman mention any famous old Bears?
Payton 5-1
Sayers 6-1
Halas 6-1
Butkus 8-1
Hampton 10-1
Singletary 12-1

10. Will the future of Brian Urlacher be asked to Trestman? Yes or No

11. How many questions into the press conference before a media member brings up Jay Cutler? O/U of 3.5

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