(CBS) – I may be the odd guy out on this, but I don’t feel one bit sorry for Manti Te’o being embarrassed by his love-story hoax.

I’m not sad that he’s now had to admit the hoax and how he kept it a secret, and how Notre Dame kept it a secret in order to ignite our emotions into a bath of adoring publicity tugging at our heartstrings.

The media: shedding tears for Te’o and the love he lost.

Te’o and the media ought to be embarrassed.

I think we all ought to be embarrassed for not drying our tears long enough to suspect a hoax or to think how strange it was for Te’o to be so deeply in love with someone he never met.

It’s not a sad story. It’s a B-movie story, like the one about Coach Kelly’s hoax about loving his team, a Notre Dame story with a message about how easy it is to turn a very good year into a bad one.