(WSCR) Darryl Drake spent nine seasons as the Bears wide receivers coach, with each season seemingly more insignificant than the last.

Seriously, can you name one wide receiver this guy developed during the almost decade he spent in Chicago?

We can’t either.

Drake did, however, provided one of the greatest rants by a wide receivers coach of all time.

Before the beginning of the 2011 season, Brad Biggs published an article suggesting Johnny Knox wanted to be traded after being bumped on the depth chart by Roy Williams (remember him?).

Drake was less than pleased with this report.

“Johnny Knox never said one word (about being traded,)” Drake said. “Nothing ever came out of his mouth. Johnny Knox texted me this morning wondering where this (expletive) comes from. I’m going to tell you right now, if you guys keep making stuff up and bringing this stuff up, you’re going to deal with me. That ain’t going to be real nice. That ain’t going to be real positive.

“Johnny Knox is trying to do everything he needs to do. He don’t need all this. He’s trying to be the best he can possibly be. If Johnny Knox would have said (I want to leave,) fine, he’d have to deal with it. But when he didn’t, I’m going to have to get involved with it. It’s as simple as that.”

And then, when pressed to respond to comments made by Mike Martz about Knox, Drake left us with this gem:

“I didn’t read Martz’s comments,” Drake said. “I’ll have to read them for myself. I don’t care what you said he said. I’ll have to read them for myself. … I will read it. Alright then – that’s what I said, that’s what I said! I said I will read it. Don’t you (expletive) tell me what I need to say and what I don’t need to say. You ain’t trying to help me. I’m pissed off because Brad Biggs is writing (expletive) that’s not true.”

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