CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago firefighters say high winds may have contributed to a late night building collapse.

It happened in the 6300 block of South Evans, in the city’s Woodlawn neighborhood.

When the two-and-a-half story frame gave way, part of it landed in a vacant lot next door.

Firefighters responded with special crews and equipment to search the rubble, but no one was hurt.
The building was vacant and firefighters believe it was being renovated.

“Obviously with the winds that we got today, it could play into it, but again, you know, we’ll find out if there were permits pulled and things of that nature to find out if that might have been a cause in terms of the structure itself,” said Deputy Fire Commissioner, John McNicholas.

Cory Moseley live nearby and witnessed the collapse. He says he first heard a loud crack, then the building shifted, before crashing to the ground.

Moseley also tells CBS 2, the building was damaged after catching fire several months ago.

“You can tell by the wood and all the stuff, you can still see bits of the fire damage,” said Moseley.
The resident says the building came tumbling down sometime in the 9:00 hour Saturday night.

Firefighters say they’ll be working with the Department of Buildings to determine why this building collapsed.