(CBS) — So the world suspects that at the inauguration ceremony on Monday, Beyonce did not sing the National Anthem. She lip synced it.

The Marine band at the inauguration tattled on her to the media, and public opinion is booing her for it, grousing at Beyonce for fooling us.

But it was cold and windy out there, and she must have feared being less than perfect, not wanting her microphone to rattle, or her teeth to chatter, or her voice to waver in the wind.

The National Anthem is too important for that, so apparently she synced it, with her voice pre-recorded, as others outdoors in the winter have done.

Yo-Yo Ma, at the last inauguration, in 2009, hand-synced his performance on his cello.

However she sang it, Beyonce gave us a gift, a near perfect National Anthem.

I say give her a gift in return. Cut the carping. Give Beyonce a break.