(WSCR) – Here is the musical brothers draft from The McNeil and Spiegel Show.

Round 1:
1-1. Shep: Young Brothers from AC/DC
1-2. Mac: Davies Brothers from The Kinks
1-3. Zawaski: Eddie and Alex Van Halen
1-4. Spiegs: Allman Brothers
1-5. Kot: Stinson Brothers from The Replacements

Round 2:
2-1. Shep: Fogerty Brothers from CCR
2-2. Mac: Randy and Tim Bachman from BTO
2-3. Zawaski: Chris and Rich Robinson from Black Crowes
2-4. Spiegs: Wilson Brothers from The Beach Boys
2-5. Kot: Casale’s from DeVo

Round 3:
3-1. Shep: The Jonas Brothers (Pick of Righteous Brothers, who aren’t actually brothers, was not allowed)
3-2. Mac: Schenker Brothers from The Scorpions and UFO
3-3. Zawaski: Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell from Pantera
3-4. Spiegs: Gallagher Brothers from Oasis
3-5. Kot: Butler Brothers from Arcade Fire

Round 4:
4-1. Shep: Everly Brothers
4-2. Mac: Panozzo Brothers from Styx
4-3. Zawaski: Johnny and Colin Greenwood from Radiohead
4-4. Spiegs: Nevell Brothers
4-5. Kot: Sly and Freddie Stone from Sly and the Family Stone

Round 5:
5-1. Shep: The Lachey Brothers from 98*
5-2. Mac: Butler Brothers from Psychedelic Furs
5-3. Zawaski: Seth and Scott Avett from the Avett Brothers
5-4. Spiegs: Gershwin Brothers
5-5. Kot: Scott and Ron Ashton from The Stooges

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