(CBS) – In the White House now, the inauguration fun is done, and it’s back to work. The president is choosing his ambassadors for around the world.

To Great Britain, for example, a most critical post in the world. The buzz in the White House is that Anna Wintour wants to be Obama’s ambassador to Great Britain. You know Anna. Everybody knows Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue magazine.

The reason the president is considering her for Great Britain is that she’s raised millions of dollars for his politics. Never mind that Anna ain’t a diplomat, or that she’s never had a job or experience in foreign affairs.

Her experience is fashion, a New York and Hollywood celebrity who co-hosted a big Barack bash, which in good ol’ Washington is how to become an ambassador — not by qualifications, but by money.

The gold rule of politics: You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. Make me president; I’ll make you an ambassador.