CHICAGO (CBS) — In New Jersey, the nation’s capital and in cities across the country, thousands gathered to call for more gun control.

Stephanie Gordon is one of the leaders of the Chicago chapter of One Million Moms For Gun Control.
“We believe that there are options to make that better. We don’t believe in banning guns, we believe in the Second Amendment, we believe that there needs to be sensible gun control,” said Gordon.

Gordon says the massacre of 26 students and teachers in Connecticut was the spark that led to her group’s creation. Already, more than 45,000 people have signed up.

“One Million Moms For Gun Control was started or born out of the Newtown tragedy. It started the next morning by a woman named Shannon Watts in Indiana and quickly she had a large following,” said Gordon.

But at the first gun show to be held in Cook County in decades, exhibitors and gun rights advocates say the moms have it wrong.

“I would say that it would be more productive if they focused on getting concealed-carry permits for themselves so that they could protect their children,” said one gun advocate.

And they say banning high capacity clips would be good, for criminals.

“Two guys break into my house tonight, they get semi-automatic rifles with 20 round clips in their pocket and in the gun and I have a government-issued six-shot revolver,” said another activist.

“We do not think that you need more than 10 rounds to self-defend your family,” said Gordon.

But gun rights advocates say banning high-capacity clips won’t keep them out of the hands of robbers and killers.

“It is like putting a Band-Aid on an artery cut. You think any gangbanger is going to register their gun? You think they are going to worry about a 10 round clip?” said another gun advocate.

Gordon says there are 84 million moms in the country and if even a small fraction of them mobilize, that can counteract the deep-pockets of the National Rifle Association.

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