CHICAGO (CBS) — ComEd restored power quickly to two areas in the city that lost powerduring Tuesday’s rainstorm.

A downed power line cut service for about two hours to 1,300 residents of the Uptown neighborhood.

The rain was coming down in sheets shortly after 7 p.m. Tuesday when the lights in an area bounded by Lake Shore Drive, Cleveland, Wilson and Lawrence Avenues, including a 16-story apartment building at 850 W. Eastwood Av., and a 15-story apartment building at 4600 N. Clarendon Av.

A ComEd power pole collapsed, taking the wires it held with it.

Jeanina Ware lives in the 850 W. Eastwood Av. building and said this is the third time in as many years that the pole has given way. She said each of the previous times, ComEd crews have tried to brace the failed pole.

As ComEd crews tried lifted the pole back into place so it could be braced again, residents were allowed in and out of the buildings, although they had only emergency stairway and hallway lighting.

In Old Town, power was cut for less than an hour to a 96-unit senior high rise and adjacent buildings near 1300 N. Wells St.

A ComEd spokesperson said that as of 9:30 p.m., only negligible power outages remained.

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