WINFIELD, ILl. (CBS) — More coyote sightings in the Chicago area have been keeping parents and pet-owners nervous, and police busy.

A viewer in west suburban Winfield snapped a few photos of a coyote on the golf course behind his home.

CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports 10-year-old Ethan Siwak said he spotted a coyote at about 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, while looking out of the back window to his house.

“It started moving its head and it put its ears up,” he said. “It scared me for a second, because I thought it was a plastic bag, and I was going to go grab it.”

The coyote plopped down on the Klein Creek Golf Course in Winfield. You might say it had a good lie on the fairway.

Ethan’s dad grabbed his camera to catch the moment. The family said the coyote was only about 40 feet away from their deck.

“He was just sitting there. It looked like he was sunning; not a care in the world,” Gene Siwak said.

The coyote didn’t approach their house, but they kept the door closed.

However, closed doors don’t always stop the animals.

On Friday, at a home in west suburban Riverside, four coyotes chased a beagle, a retriever and a German Shepherd puppy in a backyard off South Herbert Road. Once the pets made it into the house, it didn’t end there. The marauding animals broke glass panels on a door in an attempt to get inside.

The homeowner called 911.

“They tried to attack my dog. They almost got one of them,” the caller told 911.

They almost got the beagle Snoopy, but his owner fired a BB gun to shoo the coyotes away.

At first, the homeowners weren’t sure if one of the coyotes might have made it inside.

“We’re not 100 percent sure, but they busted through the doors. My son went out there and shot, actually shot at one, because it almost killed one of our dogs,” the caller said.

The family’s dogs escaped injury.