(CBS) — A Skokie doctor is accused of videotaping male college wrestlers in the locker room of a community college in Michigan.

Ninos Jando, 34, has been charged with three felony charges for allegedly using hidden cameras to record video of three young men showering in a Muskegon Community College locker room.

CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports police seized multiple cameras and cell phones, a laptop computer, and a hard drive from Jando’s car. The images that led to the charges were found on those devices.

Jando, a podiatrist, has been accused of sneaking at least two cameras into the locker room, and secretly videotaping students.

On Monday, a wrestler noticed Jando carrying two bags with holes in them, and spotted a lens.

“Came to the locker room, undressed, got in the shower, apparently put like a shower kit on the shower nozzle,” Muskegon Community College athletic director Marty McDermott said.

A wrestler reportedly confronted Jando and notified campus security, who notified local police.

Jando was accused of the same kind of crime in Illinois.

In 2008, he faced similar charges in Illinois that were later dropped.

But sources said police seized some 21 videotapes in that case, with images of naked men showering. Those tapes allegedly were collected over a 5 and a half year period.

No one answered at Jando’s listed address in Skokie.

Police in Michigan believe he might have peeped in on and recorded potential victims elsewhere.