OAK LAWN (STMW) — Terry Reichert spent last Tuesday night shooting pool with his brother. The following morning, the 51-year Oak Lawn man was found unconscious at the door of his home, the apparent victim of severe beating.

Today, as Reichert clings to life, his family is searching for answers about who attacked him and why.

“It’s very bizarre,” his brother Jim Reichert said. “They treated him like a piñata. It doesn’t make sense. This was personal.”

Terry Reichert, a 51-year-old carpenter shot pool until about 1 a.m. Wednesday morning at Town Lounge in Hometown. Another brother then drove him to his home in the 11000 block of Komensky. Reichert’s girlfriend fount him lying unconscious at his front door about five hours later, his brother said.

“She didn’t know what happened. He was soaking wet,” he said.

Reichert was taken to Christ Medical Center. He initially was able to communicate, but later experienced a series of strokes that led to emergency brain surgery. He has been in coma since then, said Jim Reichert, also of Oak Lawn.

“(The strokes) are what caused all the brain damage,” he said. “It progressed that quickly.”

Reichert’s family and friends are struggling to understand why anyone would brutally attack Terry in the driveway of his home. The injuries indicate that he was attacked with some type of blunt object, his brother said.

Terry has bruises on much of his body, but his injuries were limited to his head, his brother said.

Robbery was not the motive for the attack. Reichert’s wallet and money were found in his pockets and a gold chain remained on his neck, his brother said.

Jim Reichert has talked to several of his brother’s friends and co-workers to see if he had enemies or disagreements with anyone. The owner of the Town Lounge confirmed that Terry and his brother were not involved in any disputes while at the bar, Reichert said.

“Everybody loved my brother,” Jim Reichert said. “He was always kind.”

His family is convinced the attacker hid somewhere on his property, which is screened by two large evergreen trees. A large dumpster is located in front of the house because Terry was building an addition.

Reichert grew up in Oak Lawn, attended Oak Lawn Community High School and became a carpenter.

“He’s kind, generous, good-hearted,” Jim Reichert said. “It doesn’t make sense.”

Oak Lawn police are investigating the incident.

Now, Jim Reichert wants to bring as much attention to his brother’s attack as possible.

“Whoever did this is still walking the streets. This could happen to anyone,” he said.

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