(CBS) – For 17 years, you’ve watched Ray Lewis play the middle linebacker position better than just about all of his predecessors.

You’ve seen him win two Super Bowls and register over 1,500 tackles.

If only that was it…

Unfortunately, you’ve also seen Lewis plead guilty to obstruction of justice in a double-homicide trial. You’ve watched him vehemently deny reports that he used a performance-enhancing drug to come back from an injury this season, even though Sports Illustrated claims to have recordings of him asking for the drug. And you’ve seen him consistently deflect questions of his character by clinging to his relationship with God.

To top it all off, after the Ravens defeated the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, Lewis ended his historic NFL career with a quote that makes absolutely no sense.

“When you believe in what you believe in no matter what happens or what people believe, the ultimate is the ultimate,” Lewis said. “This is the ultimate to come and leave the game as a champion.”

Thanks for that, Ray.

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