CHICAGO (CBS) — After what was billed as her farewell tour eight years ago, onetime Olympian Cathy Rigby is back on stage in Chicago in her signature role.

For 40 years now, former gymnast Cathy Rigby’s been soaring as Peter Pan, the boy who refuses to grow up.

She thought her tour eight years ago would be her last but, now, at the age of 60, she’s doing it again.

“When your craft or your job is being physically fit and seeing and jumping around, and for me, being a child, that forces me to keep that kind of youthful thinking. … I didn’t know whether I’d be able to do this again. … I think I was as surprised as maybe anybody to be able to do it.”

She’s performed as Peter Pan over 3,000 times. Some fans still remember her as an Olympic medalist but she retired from that 40 years ago.

“The baby boomers remember the Olympics and I get a lot of that because after the show many times, I’ll go sign posters with the kids and talk to them. But for the most part, anybody after the baby boomers remembers mostly Peter Pan.”

Cathy Rigby stars as Peter Pan through Sunday at the Cadillac Palace theater.