CHICAGO (CBS) — Oh, what a nice days it’s been. Except for the damp and the grey outside, I had no reason today to be crabby, didn’t find a bad politician today to pick on.

In fact, just the opposite. I found a good politician; Mayor Rahm Emanuel being a regular guy. He got a notice for jury duty, and he showed up for it like a regular guy; in a courthouse waiting, waiting to be called.

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If you’ve ever been there, you know what a drag it is, what a lemon, to do what you very much don’t want to do, because there are things you have to do; pensions to reform, schools to close, murders to prevent.

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The mayor so easily could have pulled a string to get out of that civic duty, as power people do, but he didn’t.

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He instead made lemonade of his lemon; had his office tell reporters where he’d be being a regular guy, so we’d follow him and give him good play today on the on TV, which is exactly what we’re doing, which is okay today. He’s earned it.