Chicago (CBS) — One shall die and out of its ashes another shall rise! No we’re not talking about a new Lord of the Rings movie — we’re talking about Monopoly.

Last month, in a move that may have left some passionate Monopoly fans seething like wild animals, Hasbro Inc. announced they would be retiring one of Monopoly’s game tokens. Would it be the car? The battleship? The Scottie dog?

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Well, of course it wouldn’t be the Scottie dog token. People love that piece!

Hasbro decided to be democratic when deciding which game token to banish from gameboard existence – they let fans vote. Hasbro appealed to Monopoly facebook fans – who number in the millions — to vote for the survival of their favorite tokens. As of last night, only three pieces seemed eligible for termination: the wheelbarrow, the shoe and the iron.

So which one got sent to game token heaven?

Sorry, fans of the iron, you’ll have to find a new piece to use.

You could try using the cat game token, which beat out the helicopter, guitar, ring and robot (with a mustache! A robot with a mustache, how did it lose?) for a spot on the Monopoly board.

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What a surprise. The Internet voted for the cat. Who saw that coming?

Though this isn’t the first time there’s been a change-up with Monopoly game tokens (you don’t remember the immensely popular purse game token?), it is the first time fans had a say in the matter.

Hopefully that eases the wounds of iron fans tonight.

Below, you can watch two short YouTube movies, one displaying the plight of the iron, other showing the triumph of the cat.

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For those eager to buy a Monopoly board with the new cat token, you’ll have to wait till later this year.