CHICAGO (CBS) — The Emanuel administration says its plan for bulk buying of electricity is moving ahead of schedule and that means some extra savings for Chicago residents.

The city is now buying its electricity from Integra Services and Michael Negron, the Mayor’s Chief of Policy, said the switchover of some 400,000 households to what is known as municipal aggregation has gone faster than expected.

“We are looking at customers starting to see savings in their first bills in mid-to-late March. What we have managed to do, thanks to hard work by a lot of people, it to do it ahead of schedule,” said Negron.

Negron said individual residents are getting an extra month of savings.

“It will depend on whether you live in an apartment building or whether you live in a single-family home, but the average will end up being around an extra $20-$30,” said Negron.

The total additional savings citywide is over $10 million.

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