(WSCR) This week’s Crap of the Week goes out to Les Grobstein.

This, from Joe B.

Sunday night, after the Super Bowl, Les joked with a caller who speculated the reason for the power outage. “People were saying that the lights went out due to Bane,” Les remarked, referring to a scene where Bane, the antagonist from The Dark Knight Rises, entombed the entire city’s police force by mixing concrete with explosives which was poured around the city including under the football field. After setting off the explosion, the football field collapsed and all players except Hines Ward died. This was all done in an attempt to keep the police force out of the way so Bane could set off a nuclear bomb to destroy GothamCcity and all its citizens.

Not more than 10 seconds later the caller said, “Me and my brother first thought it could have been terrorism.” “Hey now! Don’t even joke about that kind of thing!” cried out Les.
Les… I’m not one hundred percent sure, but doesn’t an explosion causing the death of two football teams and eventual nuclear explosion constitute a terrorist attack? I know you have a great memory for vital information like what Madonna songs are played in opposing ballparks or what tie Phil Simms wore for the postgame in Super Bowl XXI but to chastise a caller for the same topic you just referenced 10 seconds prior makes the listener think you have the short term memory of a gnat.  

Les Grobstien, KMA and Who You Crappin’?

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