By Dorothy Tucker

(CBS) — With unemployment still high, you might be surprised that some employers can’t fill open positions.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker shows you 10 local jobs for which the demand to fill is greater than the supply of applicants. She’ll tell you what you need to get hired.

Jim Schroeder owns Spirit Trucking. He needs drivers, but can’t find them.

Applicants don’t need a high school education, the job pays $45,000 to $55,000 a year. So, why can’t he fill the spots?

“No question. It’s a tough job,” Schroeder responds.

Last month Illinois had 4,528 job openings for truckers.

“I think the number one thing here is time away from home, time away from family,” Schroeder says.

Also tough to fill are some trade jobs, like a CNC machinist who programs factory computers. You only need a high school degree.

How much can you make? It pays up to $45 an hour, plus overtime, says Chris Bulat with Automatic Precision.

He adds that industry veterans are retiring so those willing to go through 18 months of specialized training have a good chance of finding a job.

Special training is also required for massage therapists who also only need a high school education.

But if you have a college degree, there are some hard-to-fill jobs that often pay six-figure salaries.

They include advanced practice nurses, accountants, consultants, and actuaries, people who analyze insurance data.

In the last three months, Allstate had just one applicant for 74 actuarial job openings.

Another position in demand: sales for pharmaceuticals, computers and hospital equipment.

Jennifer Grasz with CareerBuilder said to land those jobs, “You need people who really understand the product, understand the industry.”

At Rise Interactive, they’re willing to train people to become digital marketers who analyze website ads and their impact on a company’s revenue. You just need a strong math background.

“We’re less concerned about the industry they come from and more concerned of: Do they have the skill sets?” CEO John Morris says.

Web designers and web developers are also in high demand.

A Chicago company called Starter Lague offers classes in coding or how to program websites. It attracts people like Pamela Miller.

“I definitely see myself going from a $90,000 job to a $150,000 job,” she says.

To learn how to code, you don’t need a computer degree. You just have to be interested in programming websites.

At Rise Interactive, you just need to pass a college level math exam to get a paid internship there.

Some major employers having trouble filling jobs include Deloitte, Advocate Health Care, Allstate Insurance, Rise Interactive, Automatic Precision, The Starter League, and Spirit Trucking Co.

Dorothy Tucker