CHICAGO (CBS) — As reports circulate of a Jesse Jackson Jr. plea agreement, a contrarian view arises from one who sees the investigation as a diversion from the city’s real problems, reports John Cody.

One in the pack running for Jackson’s vacated house seat is one who’s been there before, former congressman Mel Reynolds.

“At a time when we are living in the killing fields of Chicago, our federal government seems obsessed with the Jackson,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds points to stories that include Jackson’s wife Sandi who’s also resigned her elective seat as alderman.

“Do they really now want to put both parents of small children in jail or is their strategy to get Sandi Jackson to flip on her husband so they can put even more pressure on that family?” said Reynolds.

The U.S. Attorneys offices in Chicago and Washington both say no comment on a pending investigation. Reynolds acknowledges he doesn’t know for sure but he’s seen it before.

“Quite frankly that is exactly what they did in my case. They put pressure on my wife in order to flip in order to give them information to that will help them in their investigation,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds did end up convicted of sex with an underage girl and later bank fraud.

Speaking at a news conference attended by one reporter total, Reynolds acknowledged his criminal background doesn’t do much to heighten awareness of his message, which is call in the FBI to help Chicago police fight violence.

“People’s rights are being violated, as human beings the right to of free citizen without harm is a constitutional right in America and those rights are being violated in Chicago in these killing fields,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds the congressional hopeful admits he made mistakes. He says he should be judged on his ideas now, not his behavior back then.

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