CHICAGO (CBS) — Valentine’s Day is three days away, and that means big business today for at least one Chicago business.

Kennicott Brothers at 452 N. Ashland Ave. is one of the largest flowers wholesalers in the nation, so why retailers might be swamped on Valentine’s Day, Kennicott sees its peak three days beforehand, according flower manager Dan Andrews.

“The wholesalers sells flowers to the retailer today so they are as fresh as they can be for the holiday because they have to open, they have to be arranged and they have to be delivered out so today is a big day,” said Andrews.

Andrews says on a typical day Kennicott Brothers might sell 10,000 roses max.

“I can tell you that we will probably sell between 75-85,000 roses today,” said Andrews.

Not only that, Andrews says those roses sold are worth double what they normally are, so get ready to fork out for your sweetheart.

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