CHICAGO (CBS) — Pictures and memories. It’s all Melissa Leon has left of her sister’s youngest child, Layla.

“That was her baby,” said Leon.

And 24 days after the toddler’s death, one question lingers more than any other.

“Why hasn’t anybody been charged?” asked Leon.

Chicago Police called Layla Stewart’s death a homicide after an autopsy revealed she suffered multiple injuries from a beating.

The toddler, in her father’s care since her mother died last year, was marked with signs of abused.

“When I saw her at the ME’s office she was bruised, she had bumps all over her face she had a busted lip,” said Leon.

Yet despite that, there’s still no arrest, even as police reports show only her father and a 13-year-old relative were with Layla before she died.

“We just want justice for her,” said Leon.

Tonight, Chicago Police will only say their investigation is ongoing. That response, the same one Melissa says detectives are giving her.

“We are working on it,” Leon said. “Not good enough. And if it were their family it wouldn’t be good enough for them either. It’s not good enough for anybody, especially when it’s an innocent two-year-old little girl.”

Layla has a 5-year-old sister and 8-year-old brother and their aunt told CBS 2’s Chris Martinez both siblings are still in foster care tonight, pending the outcome of investigations from police and DCFS.

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