(CBS) — Cloudy and cold today, but a beautiful day, Valentine’s Day. And I love sending cards to my wife and kids and grandkids.

But I have a problem with the cost of the cards: $4.99, $5.99 for a card about the same as one for 99 cents. Same colors, much the same words – you know, hugs and kisses, honey, be my Valentine.

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Where I went shopping this morning, there were hundreds of cards for $4.99 and $5.99. Only seven cards for 99 cents, a small stock because the store wants us to spend big.

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So I went to two other stores. Same thing: Many cards for a lot of money, few for less money. That’s crazy, to have to spend five or six dollars on a Valentine’s card. I didn’t do it. On principle, I couldn’t do it.

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So, honey, for 99 cents this card is for you. It’s the thought, I hope, the thought that counts.