CHICAGO (CBS) — Felony Franks, the now-closed West Side hotdog stand that hired only ex-offenders, is now going Hollywood.

It was last June when Felony Franks, home of the misdemeanor wiener, closed in Chicago.

Owner Jim Andrews had had problems with the alderman, who didn’t like the name and when Andrews tried to open in Evanston, he ran into the same problem.

Now Andrews has licensed the name, and Felony Franks is going mobile.

“The home of the misdemeanor wiener is – food so good it’s criminal – on wheels,” said Andrews.

Andrews says the grand opening of the first-ever Felony Franks food truck is March 1 in Los Angeles.

“And we hope that it’s very successful out there,” said Andrews.

And what about ex-offenders?

“We are going to be hiring all ex-offenders. He’s already hired three of them. And if we run two shifts, we’ll probably need two more. Two more or three more,” said Andrews.

Andrews said, “I believe in the mission,” and he’d like to license a Felony Franks here in the Chicago area.

Andrews says the licensee in LA is Dennis Justice, who is an owner of American Transportation Systems.