JOLIET, Ill. (CBS) — Drew Peterson’s feuding current and former lawyers, Steve Greenberg and Joel Brodsky, squared off in court today as the defense seeks a new trial. WBBM’s Mike Krauser reports it was not the showdown that some were expecting.

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A court observer testified about seeing Brodsky and Greenberg argue about calling Harry Smith, a law professor testified it was an ethical violation when Brodsky made a deal to profit along with Peterson on things like book deals.

Brodsky himself testified about the arrangement, but Greenberg never asked him about Harry Smith.

“You’re seeing that there were some ethical violations and you’re seeing that we didn’t all agree on the decision to call Harry Smith. In fact, it was a rogue act,” said Greenberg.

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Brodsky was not impressed after court.

“I mean, this is Drew’s last chance before going to prison for probably the rest of his life, it is not very impressive I’ll tell you that,” said Brodsky.

Glasgow expects Peterson to be sentenced tomorrow.

“30 years I have never had a case have a post-trial motion of this nature,” said prosecutor Jim Glasgow.

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Judge Edward Burmila is expected to rule on Wednesday.