GLENCOE (CBS) — It’s was supposed to be a Sunday walk in the park, but it turned into something far scarier this past weekend.

A woman walking with her dogs in Glencoe was confronted by a pack of coyotes and when it was all over, the fire department and a long ladder were needed, reports CBS 2’s Pamela Jones.

“She was going under water. She was near death,” said Peggy Bobrow.

“She” was her daughter’s dog Sadie.

Doggy paddling for her life in a frigid pond Sunday morning. A dog near drowning, surrounded by a pack of hungry coyotes.

“I heard the most atrocious howling noises I have ever heard in my life,” said Bobrow.

Bobrow was walking her own dog and Sadie through the golf course at Skokie Country Club.

“I took them off their leash. Yes, I know, I’m not supposed to,” said Bobrow.

She said both dogs must have spotted the first coyote and took off running toward the pond.

“But I didn’t really realize it was a coyote,” said Bobrow.

But group of wild animals had encircled Sadie.

“There are four dogs surrounding Sadie right in that hole over there,” said they were four coyotes on the ice surrounding her. Howling. Shrieking.”

She called Glencoe Public Safety who arrived in minutes, first throwing Sadie a rope.

“Within seconds, the dog started having a lot of trouble. It was pretty evident we were going to have to do something immediately,” said Glencoe Lt. Richard Bookie.

An officer jumped into a special suit to save the doggy in distress.

“Crawled along the ice with the ladder, pulled the dog in very quickly,” said Bookie.

“It was unbelievable how quickly they responded, how wonderfully they handled everything. My daughter Mandi here said I’m not allowed to babysit Sadie anymore,” said Bobrow.

Her daughter, Mandi, is grateful help arrived when it did.

Glencoe Public Safety is urging dog owners to keep their dogs leashed so they don’t end up in trouble from coyotes or ponds.