CHICAGO (CBS) — The Cook County Sheriff’s office is on a deadline – trying to find the owners of several thousand dollars worth of golf clubs, motorcycle helmets and other things believed to have been stolen out of people’s storage lockers.

“This motorcycle helmet, for example, is unique only because of the Harley Davidson emblem on the side of the helmet itself,”said Cook County Sheriff’s Police Detective George Velisaris

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Velisaris showed off a room full of stuff he believes was stolen from storage units.

He said that last June, 27-year-old Jeffrey Kelly of Bartlett was caught with several items – including a rare Bettinardi golf club, which he pleaded guilty to stealing and trying to sell on eBay.

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The stuff in the room? Detective Velisaris says he can’t prove the Bartlett man stole it – but it was found in his Hummer.

Golf clubs that the Cook County Sheriff's office believes were stolen from storage lockers. (Credit: Steve Miller)

Golf clubs that the Cook County Sheriff’s office believes were stolen from storage lockers. (Credit: Steve Miller)

Velisaris said the sheriff’s office is trying to find the people who own all the golf clubs and helmets – because if no one can prove ownership, it all goes back to the man from Bartlett.

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“It’s unfortunate, but yes, that’s right,” said Velisaris.