(CBS) Back in June, we brought you 48-year-old Martin Tremblay, a youth hockey coach from Vancouver.

Tremblay made headlines for intentionally tripping a 13-year-old player from the other team while the two teams exchanged handshakes after a game.

Today, Judge Patrick Chen has sentenced Tremblay to 15 days in jail, calling his actions a “cowardly sucker punch.”

Tremblay’s attorney, Robert Bellows, said his client will not appeal the sentence after pleading guilty to two counts of assault in November.

“He’s rebuilding his life after this incident,” Bellows told reporters in British Columbia, adding that the incident has strained Tremblay’s marriage and resulted in a number of lost contracts for his construction business. “It’s horrible. He put in years and years coaching hockey, he put in years and years as a scout master. And that’s all over … because of one incident when he was off his antidepressants for three weeks.”

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