(CBS) If you thought Manti Te’o was the only one foolish enough to be catfished in an online relationship, then you haven’t heard 68-year-old theoretical particle physicist Paul Frampton’s story.

Frampton, a 30-year professor of physics at the University of North Carolina, had been chatting online with who he thought was Czech bikini model Denise Milani.

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The recently-divorced Frampton had met Milani, an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous exotic model with supposedly natural DDD breasts, on the Internet and the two had fallen in love, the New York times reported.

Or so Frampton thought.

Milani waxed to Frampton about he she was tired of her glamorous life; how she was ready to settle down and have kids. And how Frampton was the only man she wanted to do that with.

According to the newspaper, Milani then arranged for Frampton to meet her in La Paz, Bolivia where she was doing a photo shoot. The plan was for Frampton and Milani to then return to Chapel Hill, North Carolina together and begin their lives together.

But when Frampton arrived in Bolivia, Milani was nowhere to be found. She left him a message saying she had to quickly leave for Brussels for another modeling obligation.

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But a message wasn’t all Milani left. The exotic super model had reportedly also left behind an empty black suitcase that she claimed had “sentimental value.” Frampton was to bring this suitcase with him to Brussels to meet Milani.

Frampton decided he’d had enough travel and would head back to Chapel Hill in hopes Milani would meet him there when she was finished with her photo shoot in Brussels. So, Frampton, armed with Milani’s special black suitcase, boarded a plane home.

That’s when Frampton was arrested for attempting to smuggle cocaine.

There was no girl. There was no photo shoot. The seemingly empty black suitcase was, in fact, laced with cocaine.

Frampton was sentenced to 4 years and 8 months in jail for drug smuggling.

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Get the full story here from the New York Times.