By Dana Kozlov

(CBS) – Divine intervention. A St. Patrick’s weekend miracle.

Those are just two descriptions for the dramatic way two Chicago police officers helped save a seriously ailing infant Saturday afternoon.

Dwayne Neff, the doorman for Chicago’s Talbott Hotel, could tell the baby and her parents needed help.

“She was yelling my baby is sick. I need a taxi, I need something right away,” Neff tells CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov. “I could sense the panic.”

Neff knew mom, Kristin Creed, and dad, Matthew Howeth, from the neighborhood.  They live right across the street from the hotel.

But the streets were packed with St. Paddy’s Day traffic. Then he spotted 18th District officers Karen Wojickowski and Michael Seiser in their squad car a block away, and he started sprinting.

“All I can say is, we were in the right place at the right time,” Wojickowski said at a Sunday briefing with Chicago reporters.

Little Jordyn’s tongue seemed to be swollen. Time was of the essence, they thought, so into the squad car all went, straight to Lurie Children’s Hospital.

“It was a complete weight off my shoulder. We were about to start running down Michigan Avenue,” Creed says.

Doctors say Jordyn is fine. She was released from the hospital to very thankful parents just in time for her christening on Sunday.

“Hopefully when we’re on patrol we can see Jordyn building little sand castles on Oak Street Beach in a few years,” Officer Seiser joked.

Both officers are almost 20-year veterans of the police department. Neff has been the Talbott doorman for two years.

Matthew and Kristin have been parents for four months.

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