GARY, Ind. (CBS) — A double loss, on what should have been a happy occasion for a Gary family.

This past weekend, two brothers were on their way to their grandmother’s house for Sunday dinner. Both brothers were shot and killed.

CBS 2’s Mike Parker spoke with the family tonight.

All day, friends and relatives have been coming to Deborah Ham’s house in Gary to share their grief, the same house where the two teenagers had been headed for Sunday dinner with the family.

They never made it, the brothers were gunned down a few blocks away, by two suspects. One of the victims, was found in the street, the other in some shrubbery nearby.

Gary police have no idea why.

19-year-old Shaqwone Ham had no criminal record, no gang affiliations. Nor had his 18-year-old brother Charles Wood. They were both good students.

“Always good to their parents, always good to their grandmother, grandfather, uncles. Everyone in the community loved them,” said Michael Brown, the victims’ cousin.

“Shortly before the murder, another victim was robbed at gunpoint,” said Del Stout of the Gary Police Department.

That robbery happened two blocks away at Tolleston Park in Gary.

“And they took his headphones and his phone,” said Stout.

When asked what she was going to miss the most about the them, the victim’s mother Shalonda Ham said, “just helping out, their laugh, you know their humor. Just them being themselves.”

She said that she would manage to get by “With the grace of God.”

Gary police have one murder suspect in custody tonight, a 17-year-old juvenile. He’s expected to be charged tomorrow. The other suspect is still on the run. Police say they know who they’re looking for.

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