Brookfield, Ill. (CBS) — The Chicago Zoological Society wants to be perfectly clear — they are definitely monkeying around.

In their most recent press release, the Chicago Zoological Society announced Wednesday that an Angolan colobus monkey had been born at Brookfield Zoo. The baby and its mother, who both seem happy and healthy, can be found in the Tropic World: Africa exhibit. Visitors to the exhibit will not only see the new infant and its mother, Olivia, but other females Chaka and Tina, along with Sasha, the father.

Angolan Colobus monkeys can be found in Africa and naturally live in dense rain forests. As you probably noticed, infants start out completely white. As they grow older, their coats slowly change to gray, then black.

“We are excited to be able to bring a new species of colobus to Brookfield Zoo for our guests to view,” said Jay Petersen, curator of mammals for the Society. “Angolan colobuses are a very eye-catching species with their black body and face, long white hair extending from their shoulders, and a 25-inch black-and-white tail.”

See Brookfield Zoo’s newest addition in this photo gallery.

You can also view a video montage below.

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