By Marissa Bailey

CHICAGO (CBS) — If you walked outside, you wouldn’t believe today is the first day of spring. But there it is, right on the calendar, March 20. Spring has sprung.

Marissa Bailey was with mobile two looking for signs of spring,

This time last year high rise buildings in Chicago were switching from heat to a-c and opening their pools.

Today, not the case as we hover in the crisp 20’s on this first day of spring.

Hats, covered mouths, warm coffee, even the littlest ones are paralyzed by the bitter cold.

There was one runner who seemed to be thinking spring.

Asked if people might think she is crazy to run in the cold weather, Caroline Hermes responded, “Yeah probably but some of us have to get out here and hope for spring so here I am.”

From Burr Elementary in Bucktown, ice on the shores of Lake Michigan and hanging on the ropes at the Chicago Yacht Club Marina, it seems the only signs of life this first day of spring were the ducks and the only guy who could swing a golf club and handle cold like this in just a sweater.

I’m from Minnesota originally, I’ve been here about 12 years, said Scott Jenkins. “This is like a day at the beach.”

This March’s cold weather seems even colder when compared to last year.

”It’s way too cold, but the thing is, we’re comparing to last year and that was record warmth. We hit 85 degrees on this day last year,” said CBS 2 Meteorologist Ed Curran.

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